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Bots: An introduction for developers

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How to Create an automated Telegram Bot to post in your Telegram Channel/Group

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Bots: An introduction for developers

Type in the name of the bot you wish to add [botname].

  • Sender location, only for bots that request user location answerInlineQuery Use this method to send answers to an inline query.

  • If specified, the user will be asked to create a poll and send it to the bot when the button is pressed.

  • Start a conversation with the Bot and follow the commands.

15 Bot Telegram Terbaik Dan Berguna Untuk Kamu

Ya bot ini mempunyai banyak banget memuat GIF yang lucu dan keren, dan untuk pencarian lebih spesifik pun bisa loh, kamu tinggal ketik misalnya gif soccer dan akan ada berbagi GIF menarik yang ditawarkan.

  • Title for the result caption String Optional.

  • In the search field, at the top left-hand corner of the screen, enter the name of the bot you wish to add.

  • Users can create bots that act to play music, send emails, organize tasks, schedule reminders, or even as a digital storefront.