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Binance scammed me! : binance

So, after doing some research and learning about WBNB, I submitted a new application to recover my WBNB from the Ethereum network the same day.

  • Prize allocations: 1st - 300, 2nd - 150, 3rd - 75.

  • Account registration date• These were parts of my answer to them, same day: Hello guys, Thank you for your reply, but I'm sorry to say that what you are asking is absolutely unethical, but it's okay.

  • See our page for more details about this rule.

Binance scammed me 1516 USDT with unethical verification requests! Stay Away from this Scam Exchance! : binance

There was NOTHING on the trading page to indicate that binance would delist, only by googling did I find out it had been delisted.

  • Highly unlikely, go check the few wallets that you have and find the txid.

  • Then today suddenly, I got notice that Binance is "unable to handle your Uncredited Deposit Application.

  • Now again, I know I should have sent a test amount first.